Nastya Kamenskih commented on the rumors about the upcoming wedding

The singer announced that he does not want to see media on your wedding day

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Nastya Kamenskih rospoli about wedding

For several years in the press to discuss information that Nastya Kamensky and Potap – not only a creative Union. A few combine a romantic relationship – so says the public. And recently in the media there is exciting news about that in may 2019 Nastya Kamensky married Potap.

Recently in Kiev held a loud presentation of the first solo album by ZBS band called “Audiotester”. The guys threw a party in the style of the 90s with carpets on the walls and mood music. They didn’t hide that pretty worried.

To support the band I-this band came and the stars, the main guest of the evening was Nastya Kamensky – mentor musicians that together with them, lit on one stage. Kamensky, who has just returned from Turkey, where he worked and rested, our reporter for the first time commented on the rumors of marriage with the captain, which, it would seem, scheduled for may 23.

Настя Каменских прокомментировала слухи о предстоящей свадьбе

Nastya I Potap Kamenskih

“You know, I’m talking about my personal life as much as I want to know about it. With Alex we have a very cool get the tandem. First, we created a group that became very successful. Then, even when we put the Duo on pause, we continued to create. And Alex helps me a lot. I support him,” – says Nastya.

And then the beauty ambiguously said that all answers to questions can be found in her latest video for the song “Obsahu”.

“This is a very song that is from the depths of the soul and the heart. And, of course, the words are still difficult. Words like dedication to a man that I promise that I will always be with you, to support you,” the singer admits.

Thus Nastya added that when she get married, the press invite is not going to, because this event is too intimate.

“I would not like to see journalists. It seems to me, as when a woman gives birth, you don’t want to remove the moment when the head gets there. That is, for me it’s such an intimate moment”, – concluded Nastya.

On a party where was Kamensky came and Potap. But with journalists, the singer did not communicate.

Earlier we wrote that Nastya Kamensky, criticized the network for being too candid photos. Recall also that touching Kamenskih Potap congratulated happy birthday.

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