Nastya Kamensky about the obsessive fan: “I Beat the spiked face”

The singer admitted to get rid of the boyfriend, went to drastic measures

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Some complain about the lack of attention from the opposite sex, others, on the contrary, excessive activity lovers. The latter include most of the representatives of show business. In the “Sravi way” of Susidy told how to resist the obsessive fans.

The singer Nastya Kamenskih, which was recently intrigued by a new message, always had problems with overly active fans, and all life, the artist had strayed from them.

“I had a problem with that, because I always looked older than my classmates. So when I got a little older, like 17-18, I already had problems, because I had a lot of fans. And when I became famous, it’s all just overflowed. When I began to offer for the love stuff…” – says Nastya Kamensky.

Настя Каменских о навязчивом поклоннике: "Избила шипами лицо"

Nastya Kamensky

But once that obsession knight left the singer alone, had to use more radical methods.

“I had such that I the colors broke man… one man was beaten with thorns the face because he wanted love,” said the artist.

This incident became known to potential holders Nasti. Of course, the hope that Nastya will reciprocate, not lost, but become somewhat more cautious.

Настя Каменских о навязчивом поклоннике: "Избила шипами лицо"

Nastya Kamensky

“So I’m a character girl, and I am glorified in their circles that I am very obstinate. Because I know exactly what you want. It’s important to me. I’m not going to give their love to just donate or some money. I myself work for it” – shares Nastya.

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