Nastya Kamensky “asleep” Potap kisses: photo

The honeymoon continues

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Настя Каменских "засыпала" Потапа поцелуями: фото

Wedding Nastya Kamensky and Potap

Ukrainian artists Nastya Kamensky and Potap, who noted on may 23, the wedding continue to enjoy each other on your honeymoon in Turkey. Almost daily Potap and Nastya publish a touching photo in Instagram.

Potap and Nastya went on our honeymoon. The details in the story:

And again Nastya Kamensky pleased subscribers touching photos from the wedding, which she kisses your new husband. The actress also thanked fans for their kind words and congratulations.

“Honey, thank you for the congratulations! For the kind words and that you share our happiness… I’m glad to tell you about all the important moments and achievements of my life. But here’s the secret, we invite wanted to keep just the two of us. We are grateful that you understand how it was important for us to protect our love. We love you endlessly and that’s why, when the time came, we decided to tell you about the most important feeling through music and our creativity”, – said Nastya Kamensky to the fans.

To all Ukrainian singer gave his definition of true love and wished to experience this wonderful feeling.

“Love is great and lofty feeling. It is a priceless emotion. I sincerely wish you to find someone in whose eyes you will see a world that is filled with love… Look, which makes your heart beat faster. The person I want to be every minute, to hold his hand and experience incredible happiness. Sinking in his arms. The person who fills you, completes and becomes an integral part of your universe,” wrote the actress.

We have shown previously, how was the wedding Nastya Kamensky and Potap and looked like celebrity guests.

After the wedding, the couple flew to Turkey on a private plane, which the captain had rented for his newly wife. Nastya Kamenskikh has already shared a touching video of the flight, which gently kisses the beloved.

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