Nastya Kamensky began to forget their native language: “Mexican roots”

Настя Каменских стала забывать родной язык: "Мексиканские корни"

Nastya Kamensky, Ivona

today, 20:49

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky recently went on vacation to Sunny Mexico, and of course hastened to lay out a photo on his page in the social network Instagram. So, on the new photo beauty emerged in an unusual way and her face can be seen close up.

Nastya took a picture of herself as if from above, stretching out one hand. Her interesting outfit – a short black skirt with a black blouse and a bright colorful jacket with fringe. Curly hair Nastia dissolved and decorated with beautiful flower, and her face discreet make-up. While Kamensky carefully and seriously looking directly at the camera, destroying his eyes. In the caption to the photo, the actress wrote: “I love this place”. Fans are not passed by and began to discuss the publication, falling asleep Nastya compliments in the comments to the photo.

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Настя Каменских стала забывать родной язык: "Мексиканские корни"

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