Nastya Kamensky – frankly about PR at the wedding, the farm, the producers and the creation of NK-team

Exclusive interview with Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh

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Настя Каменских - откровенно о пиаре на свадьбе с Потапом, продюсерстве и создании NK-team

Nastya Kamensky

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky frankly told Today why she decided to become her own producer gathered his team and what skills still needed, and why he refused to sell themselves on their wedding day.

Nastya Kamensky posted a video from behind the scenes of the filming of the clips “I Promise” and “the Constant”:

— Nastya, not many stars call the employees family members. Why did you choose this wording?

— But because we are truly one big happy family. Moreover, all the people in my team there were absolutely no accident. I conjured up! After all, it is about people in their environment I always dreamed of. You know, I had been in show business. When I wanted to try to independently develop my career, I decided to create my own creative company called NICE2CU. This is not a production centre, not a school of talents, and a community of creative people. Themselves we also called the NK team and our fans — NK-family.

Настя Каменских - откровенно о пиаре на свадьбе с Потапом, продюсерстве и создании NK-team

32-year-old singer Nastya Kamenskih. Together with his team develops the project NK

— When you got a team for you, more important was the human factor or previous experience?

For me it was important all. (Laughs. – Ed.) Now our office has five employees — this is not counting the concert team and participating in ballet. All boys have specialized education, and obtained not only in Ukraine. It’s important to me, because we are focused on the Western market and the development of the project NK abroad. The whole team speaks English and some foreign and second.

— Nastya, what are you the boss?

— I can’t stand markers “producer” and “Director”. So I will say this: I am the ringleader of our company. Everyone in my company itself distributes, for which he is responsible. But by the end, we all work together to create a project called NK. That is, we are all Directors. And believe me, in our team there is nothing that I am the boss, and guys are my subordinates.

Настя Каменских - откровенно о пиаре на свадьбе с Потапом, продюсерстве и создании NK-team

NK-team behind the scenes

— You’re very hard on yourself, and to subordinates? Fine them or something?

— Never! I do believe that this should not be at work. If the person has no desire to work and move forward, why are you forcing him to do it? He has to understand that it takes someone else’s place, and leave. Everyone in my team burn and the buzz that he creates. I will not hide: we’re big workaholics. Moreover, sometimes I literally beg you guys not to come to work if they are ill or to give birth in a week. (Laughs. – Ed.) And sometimes it even becomes a problem — that I persuade my team to get plenty of rest, and they don’t want. My staff, first and foremost, my supporters. Nepotism we’re not related, but every Sunday we try to get together. Me they were cool — and work, and make friends.

Настя Каменских - откровенно о пиаре на свадьбе с Потапом, продюсерстве и создании NK-team

With adminiration Vladimir

— Well, no penalties. And though the awards?

— And here they are. (Smiles. – Ed.) For example, some successful advertising projects or a package of some performances. But in General I think guys in our company get enough, I don’t consider myself stingy in this regard. In General, the team and the people is the most important thing in any project. But, alas, many still don’t understand. Everyone loves to call themselves supermasculinity. Beat their chest that they — the main in everything, while his subordinates are treated with disrespect. It’s sad. If it were not for my team, there would be no me. A star is always just the tip of the iceberg. And on the top it raises the environment.

— Your actions when you see the next news about you on the Internet, which is not true?

My girl is so sensitive that such news don’t even reach me. That is, they are monitoring all mentions on the Internet. I have not been doing.

— Why you refused to sell themselves on your wedding day?

We took this decision together with Alex, because I wanted to write this intimate moment for yourself. We have a whole life ahead of you, the reason for the covers will still be a million! But such an event — a once in a lifetime. True, however for our fans we published a photo in Instagram.

Настя Каменских - откровенно о пиаре на свадьбе с Потапом, продюсерстве и создании NK-team

Wedding couples took place on 23 may

Well, obviously the journalists tried to persuade you to reconsider. What is the maximum amount suggested for the cover?

Even if offered a million, we would not agree, believe me. We have such incredible money to offer, so we again performed a duet “Potap and Nastya”! But we still do not agree, because it took one day the decision to put this project on pause.

— In addition to the creativity you went into business, released sportswear under its brand. I plan to continue something in this area?

Project NKsport only in the beginning of his career. We were successful and I am proud that we create it in Ukraine. We have huge plans in this direction, and in the new season we will surprise you for sure.

— Who helps you to create images?

— I love to experiment with images and set a bold trend. On the concert wardrobe and outfits for events we work together with a team of stylists, and carefully study every detail: from the options cut and colors up to a variety of accessories. To every way I think of makeup ideas, modify them with your favorite team of makeup artists who then embody.

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— Saw ad on your website that you are looking for a team of bilingual copywriter. You already found it?

— While searching for the right people, I noticed that often people are only interested in salary. And it’s a bit surprising. People want to have a lot of money, and at once, but work at the same time nobody wants. But this does not happen. I toiled and worked hard all my life to reach this level. The money fell on me from the air. About the vacancies — we are always open for cool professionals. We select people carefully, and our team really hard to get into. I am looking for his ideological workaholics.

Also recently Nastya Kamensky and Potap shared sharing a photo in which the couple posing in a luxurious white yacht during the boat trips. Before Potapov admitted what Nastya Kamenskih home.

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