Nastya Kamensky “warmed up” rumors of the affair with a famous singer

Настя Каменских "подогрела" слухи о романе с известным певцом

The singer shared a fresh photo Potapov.Popular singer Nastya Kamensky, acting under the stage name NK, continues to intrigue fans, fueling rumors of a more than working relationship with her producer Potap.

After the emotional star thanked Alexey Potapenko for their creative achievements, she showed playful joint photo with former partner in musical Duo.

Nastya in black pants, tight white turtleneck sweater and leaned in to the camera and put a finger to my lips, and Potapov in the cap in the background spread his fingers and froze in this position for the joint of the frame.

“Potap, you’re a real genius”, reads the caption, giving admiration Nastya her producer.

Fans of the actress agreed that Potapov is certainly talented and became nostalgic for the days when a couple performed a duet.

“Cool are”, “Return the duet, don’t know what the farm is a genius, but a cool one hundred pounds!”, “The best couple in the world! Love you”, “You are really cool, keep singing together”, “When it is again Duo be? I’ve missed you”, “Nastya, I want to return the group Potap and Nastya, I miss your songs,” admitted subscribers.

It should be noted that exactly the same photo Potap shared in his Instagram-“history”, however, the page did not publish.

Настя Каменских "подогрела" слухи о романе с известным певцом

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