Natalia Mogilevskaya justified for their provocative photos

The singer apologized to fans for candid shots

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Наталья Могилевская оправдалась за свои провокационные фото

Natalia Mogilevskaya

Natalia Mogilevskaya not afraid to show your figure in the photo and video, and frequently publishes in social networks the spicy stuff. Recently the actress shared the provocative content in Instagram, for which she had to answer to the fans.

Watch exclusive interview with Natalia Mogilev:

In an interview with Katya Osadchaya Mogilev admitted that he did not expect that picture of her in a swimsuit would cause such a strong reaction among users of the network. However, she apologized to their followers.

“I apologized to the audience, I really don’t like when there is Association with exposure. If my picture in a bathing suit and the tee shirt had Association with this, and I am a teacher of children’s school, I apologized,” says Natasha.

By the way, before Natalia Mogilevskaya said she plans to tour throughout Ukraine with training for women.

“I was able to lose weight and be born again only once forgiven of your imperfections. Loved all their talents, with gratitude to the Universe, which endowed me with them. Easy to say,” says the star about themselves and their appearance.

Recently, the 43-year-old Natalia Mogilevskaya showed looks like without makeup.

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