“Natasha, what do you like the fright”: the Queen has teased fans with a new video

"Наташа, что ты как кикимора": Королева насмешила фанатов новым видео

Russian singer Natasha Koroleva, who denied entry to Ukraine for the support of the Putin government, has published an interesting new Instagram message. This time the star showed fans a video where she sings “I’ll buy you a house” of the swans.

The celebrity in the video was wearing a leather jacket with sleeves in sequins. She wore a gray checkered hoodie and black pants with white stripes on the sides. Interestingly, the singer could be seen a backpack in the shape of a toy bear. The image of the Queen complemented by sunglasses, and her hair gathered in a bun.

“Beautiful. Look how pretty they are, but they are not (touch – ed.). They can nip, from what world” – enthusiastically tells the Queen in the video.

Fans of the singer have not passed a new message in a social network criticized the attire of the Queen and her singing: “Natasha, well as a dummy dressed”, “Natasha you are ours. Always very interesting to look at you – it’s simple, easy, interesting, like a friend from childhood”, “Something’s not dressed in the theme somehow”, “How do you not know how to sing,” “Natasha, the voices you have no shame. Your friend and sing better”.

"Наташа, что ты как кикимора": Королева насмешила фанатов новым видео

"Наташа, что ты как кикимора": Королева насмешила фанатов новым видео

It is worth noting that in 2016, the SBU banned Natasha Koroleva entry into its territory of their historical homeland through a clear Pro-Putin stance. The singer does not agree with this state of Affairs, and unsuccessfully suing the Agency for the right to visit Ukraine.

Recall that the notorious pop singer Natasha Koroleva ran into the criticism of fans for an extremely short dress.

Previously “Know.news Agency” reported Natasha Queen was accused of “dancing on the bones” of Yulia Nachalova for a new video.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the Russian composer Igor Nikolaev boasted young wife, but the fans are demanding the return of the Queen: “Powdered and meaningless.”


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