Nate Diaz bullies an influencer in the street

Nate Diaz taunts an influencer in the street


Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Nate Diaz knocked out an influencer of the TikTok platform in the street on Friday, after attending a boxing gala in New Orleans.

In a video posted on social networks, it is possible to see the athlete from 38 years old grabbing the neck of a certain Rodney Petersen, who is best known because he looks a lot like Logan Paul. After being strangled, the influencer was passed out on the ground.

On his social networks, the victim of Diaz explained that he was not sure what he did to trigger the wrath of his executioner.

“I'm going to knock him out. if I know he's coming. You took me by surprise! What, you thought I was Logan?” Petersen also said.

Recently, Diaz signed a deal with Jake Paul, Logan's brother, for a 10-round boxing match scheduled for August 5 next. This will be his first duel in this discipline.

It was not the only incident involving Diaz during this evening in New Orleans. Earlier, he threw a bottle of water at boxer Chase DeMoor.

“Nate Diaz decided to get mad and threw a bottle at me. That's cute bro,” DeMoor wrote on his Twitter account.

“Next time don't run away. And stop spending your nights in clubs trying to use your small mixed martial arts notoriety to sleep with New Orleans college girls.”

Diaz worked for many years in the UFC, before leaving the organization last year. His last fight in the octagon was in September 2022, when he defeated Tony Ferguson in the final of UFC 279.