National 3: the MHSC reserve concedes a draw against the Olympique de Marseille reserve

National 3: the MHSC reserve concedes a draw against the Olympique de Marseille reserve

Issoufou et la réserve du MHSC ont livré un beau match malgré le match nul. Valentin Cosson – Valentin Cosson

La réserve du MHSC a livré un beau combat, ce samedi 24 février, face à la réserve de l'OM malgré le score nul et vierge (0-0).

There are good and bad 0-0s. This should be classified in the first category. The two reserves, MHSC and OM, ended up saying goodbye with a goalless draw after a lively encounter but no goals.

Two well-established formations fought a real tactical and intense battle without either giving in. « We no longer dominated this meeting. It was a really good match with great intensity. We had an air gap which could have cost us a goal. » summarizes the coach of the Pailladine reserve, Frédéric Garny.

A more open second half

We had to wait until the second half to see the spaces and opportunities arrive. In this second act, each of the two teams will have had the opportunity to pocket the three points.

OM thought they had made the perfect shot when Sidi Ali managed to shake the net but the assistant referee signaled a slight offside (79th). The Héraultais responded immediately and Cara stood out by missing a huge opportunity. All alone at the penalty spot, number eight did not convert the offering and sent the ball outside the frame (82nd).

The last situation was in Montpellier with Ndiaye, launched in depth but countered at the last moments by a Marseille comeback. A point suitable for the coach of the Olympian reserve, Jean-Pierre Papin: « Going 0-0 in Montpellier is a very good point, especially where we come from. The result is fair. »

The technical sheet


OM II: 0

Mama Ouattara Field (Montpellier).

Referee: Valentin Ougier.

Half time: 0-0.

Warnings at MHSC II: Sakho (43rd), Issoufou (90th).

Warning à l’OM II: Tunkadi (38th).

MHSC II: Dizdarevic – Tchato (Chennahi, 76th), Sakho, Allix (cap.), Sainte Luce (Ndollo Bille, 84th) – Djemba Mbappé, Cara, Ndiaye – Maamma (Bongemba, 76th), Peh Ngosso, Issoufou.

OM II: Gomis – Abdallah, Nyakossi, Sparagna, Soglo – Kabamba (Caprice, 78th), Mayoka Tika, Daou, Sidi Ali (Negouai, 90th) – N’Dabrou (Lago, 70th) , Tunkadi.

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