National assembly: a “reflection” on the presence of babies in parliament

Assemblée nationale: une «réflexion» sur la présence des bébés au parlement

President François Paradis has to “think” in the presence of babies in the rooms of the deliberations of the national Assembly.

It is not uncommon to see a member of parliament to feed her child in the hubbub of the House of commons in Ottawa. A situation that was never presented to the parliament of Quebec.

“Like some parliaments, the national Assembly could initiate a reflection on the possibility of allowing the infants in the halls of deliberations (hall of the national Assembly and meeting of the commissions), when their mother or father must nourish their infants or take care of it”, one can read in the project of parliamentary reform to the president Paradise, which was unveiled Tuesday.

In the beginning of the year, the CAQ had proposed several measures of work-family reconciliation, such as the creation of a drop-in child care facilities and the introduction of a parental leave of one year for québec’s elected officials, who are not eligible for the QPIP.

No trace of these matters in the document of the president of the national Assembly. Neither of the oath of allegiance to the queen of England that shall take the meps, which ulcer good number of pq members and solidarity. In February, the government Legault suggested to make this practice optional.

François Paradis is, however, proposing to modify the schedule of parliamentary committees to promote a better “work-family-personal life”. Members do not have to go to parliament on Monday or Friday.

More speaking time should be given to the opposition for the consideration of the estimates, think the president of Paradise.

He is also an advocate of electronic voting to modernize the procedure.

François Paradis also hope that the elected officials are examining the possibility of revising the layout of the Salon bleu of the national Assembly. “Models, other than the traditional “face-to-face” british, could be considered (amphitheatre, a horseshoe, a semicircle, etc).”

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