National day of indigenous peoples : celebrate culture and identity

Journée nationale des peuples autochtones : célébrer culture et identité

The 21 June is consistent with the national Day of indigenous peoples, an opportunity to recognise the contribution of indigenous peoples and celebrate their culture, their traditions and history.

The tragic events of recent weeks highlight all the way to go for a genuine reconciliation between the aboriginal peoples and Quebec.

“It is now nearly 20 years that we celebrate this special day, which coincides with the summer solstice and it is the month of June has become the month on aboriginal history, then we have a double opportunity to learn more about our realities”, emphasized Ghislain Picard, chief of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador.

Although the celebration takes place in exceptional circumstances this year, Ghislain Picard, welcomes the crisis management of the COVID-19 within the communities of the aboriginal people who account for no deaths to this day.

In an open letter published in the newspaper “The Duty” on Saturday, the chief Picard has expressed his thoughts about the current context surrounding racism and discrimination and the importance of”better living together”.

Ghislain Picard accused Quebec of not naming things as they are, that is, “a cat, a cat, a beaver, a beaver”.

Questioned about this, the activist aboriginal does not deny that communities have difficulties with commitment at the political level with the government of Quebec.

“It was in Quebec two national Holidays that stand side by side, is the national Day of indigenous peoples, and national Holiday on the 24th of June, but who knows our reality reciprocal? The question is, in part, respond to it”, believes the chief Picard, who hopes that a reconciliation is made between Québécois and aboriginal peoples.

“If there is a company who lives the racism, its consequences and discrimination, it is our people. So we should hear it”, hammered Ghislain Picard.

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