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National Day of Quebec: the great reunion on the Plains and at the Place des Festivals

Quebec National Day: the great reunion on the Plains and at the Place des Festivals


Pull out your fleur-de-lis flags and put on your finest blue and white linen, for the first time since 2019, the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and the Place des Festivals in Montreal will vibrate to the rhythm of songs from here on the occasion of the National Day of Quebec, June 23.

After detours through Trois-Rivières and La Malbaie, where shows were presented without an audience due to the health rules that were in effect in 2020 and 2021, it's time for a great reunion between Quebecers, their artists and the big stages. exteriors of the two largest cities in Quebec.

Pierre-Yves Lord

“It's a relief. Or a deliverance,” says the host of the show in Montreal, Pierre-Yves Lord.

In Quebec, the party will have a special flavor since the group Salebarbes, made up of musicians of Acadian origin from Quebec and from New Brunswick who know how to rock the company, will act as host of the evening.

“We have always been warmly welcomed in Quebec. We feel like at home. Acadia and Quebec are the same world,” says Kevin McIntyre.

“As soon as we received the call, Dan [the director, Daniel Laurin] and I, immediately decided that we wanted a show that would bring people together and be close to the world”, mentions the artistic director of the Plaines show. , Karine Arsenault.


More than ever, diversity is essential and it is not just a fad. In Montreal, Pierre-Yves Lord can count on the presence of Patrice Michaud, Sarahmée, FouKi, Roxane Bruneau and many others.

“Our artists are installed, appreciated, charged. Relevant and touching. They were not drawn. They are the Quebec of today. I am very happy to share the stage with them”, he ignites.

In Quebec, alongside Marjo, Richard Séguin and Mélissa Bédard, we will find three artists representing the First Nations: Florent Vollant, Laura Niquay and Scott-Pien Picard.

“They are not there to check off boxes. I flip over Laura, and Scott is like the Innu Roch Voisine. As for Florent, it is the legend who passes the torch to Scott and Laura”, explains Karine Arsenault.

“ It requires a commitment”

For Pierre-Yves Lord, the National Day show will never be like any other.

“The national holiday is an expression of who we are, but it is also an exercise in introspection. As a spectator, you go there to look yourself in the face, to see who is on stage and who is next to you. For me, National Day is a once-in-a-year opportunity to take a break and hold hands or hearts to celebrate. It takes a commitment. You don't just go there with your little flag. You go there with a desire for communion,” says the host.

“It's a party that brings people who live in Quebec together,” summarizes Marjo, who will sing on the Plains of Abraham.

Tribute to Lévesque

A tribute will be paid to former Prime Minister René Lévesque, during the Montreal show, to mark the centenary of his birth.

“We are going to rely on the writings of René Lévesque which are still extremely relevant today and through which we realize that he was speaking to us”, says Pierre-Yves Lord, giving as an example the environmental cause.

“He wondered about the type of planet he was going to leave to the heirs of the year 2000. It resonates more than ever today. In the mid-1980s, when he was about to retire, he already had serious doubts about the quality of our air and water.  

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Patriotic speech: Marc Labrèche

Musical direction: Antoine Gratton

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