National day: the excitement was felt at Three Rivers,

Fête nationale: la fébrilité se faisait sentir à Trois-Rivières

The national day, which is the biggest show of the summer of 2020 in Quebec, will be broadcast on Tuesday 20 p.m. on TVA. A few hours before the event, the excitement was felt around the amphitheatre of Trois-Rivières.

The stakes are high for Trois-Rivières. After weeks of economic downturns caused by the pandemic covid-19, all eyes turn to the Mauricie for the biggest show of the summer of 2020.

“I am very excited. I look forward to see the rendering of all that. The people had the desire to participate in the feast and I am convinced that it is going to feel at the tv,” said the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Jean Lamarche.

The show All of Quebec, in Unison represents not less than forty artists and a hundred technicians.

Some of them are in Three Rivers since mid-June, which has already brought water to the mill for use in restaurants, hotels and caterers.

“A lot of nights have been purchased here, in Trois-Rivières. The caterers also had to provide food for both the teams and technical production at the level of art”, explained the director general of the Corporation of the Amphitheatre of Trois-Rivières.

The merchants want this momentum to continue, and that the show tonight makes you want to come to spend his vacation in the Mauricie region.

“I remain convinced that [this show] is going to attract people,” said the owner of the bakery the Baker, Charles Valley.

Everyone agrees on one thing: as much visibility can’t hurt.

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