National Defence will invest several hundred million to Bagotville

La Défense nationale va investir plusieurs centaines de millions à Bagotville

OTTAWA | national Defence has launched calls for tender for the design and construction of new facilities that will accommodate the fighter aircraft of the 3e Wing Bagotville, in the Saguenay.

The value of this contract to Bagotville, which is one of the main bases of the air canadian fighter with one of Cold Lake, in Alberta, is estimated to be approximately $ 250 million, according to Ottawa. This amount also includes the demolition of existing buildings and site preparation.

The construction in Bagotville, which must be run from 2022 to 2025, will create approximately 450 jobs. The contract should be awarded next September, according to the national Defence.

The new facilities, both in Quebec and Alberta, will welcome the 88 new fighter aircraft that must be acquired by the royal canadian air force (RCAF) in the framework of the Project of future capacity in terms of aircraft-fighters (PCFAC). The replacement of fighter aircraft of the canadian armed Forces may be, for its share, from 15 to 19 billion $.

Other investment in Bagotville

It should be noted also that Ottawa is just awarded the design part of a contract for the design and construction of a facility for rapid response. It is valued at $ 87 million. The new facility for rapid response will be 7000 square meters and will include hangar space for aircraft, offices, maintenance area and neighborhoods that are comfortable for the members of the unit. The fenced compound will be 17 000 square meters, has there mentioned.

“In the context of Canada’s commitment to NORAD, we provide our military with the infrastructure they need to support the missions, including our contributions, participating in operation NOBLE EAGLE,” said the national Defence.

“To ensure we meet their needs, we build a sector of rapid reaction at the same time modern, functional and durable 3 Wing Bagotville. It will help the staff of the CAF to be rolled out more quickly, plan more effectively and keep our aircraft in new green facilities.”

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