National teams of Ukraine failed to win the medals at the European team championship Golf

Збірні України не змогли зачепитися за медалі на командній першості Європи з гольфу

Ukrainian athletes were far from the fight for the medals

1-4 August 2018 in Zagreb (Croatia) hosted the European Team Championship Shield 2018 – the European team championship in Golf among Amateurs.

This is the official website of the National Ukrainian Golf Federation.

The national team of Ukraine was represented by:

the women’s team Elvira Rastvortseva, F. Maria Gorokhovskaya Daria, Valery Sapronova;

men’s team – Malovichko Ivan, Timur Soliev, Fedor Kargapolov, Sergey Malimon.

Captain and national coach Igor Zatravkin.

Only in the championship were 13 men’s teams (Croatia, Lithuania, Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Ukraine, Latvia, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Women’s teams had 10 (Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein).

The women’s team of Ukraine took the 10th place and the men in 11th place.

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