Nature white for RAW Montreal

Natural white for RAW Montreal


Tomorrow, Saturday, the start of RAW, the great natural wine fair. This is the meeting place for artisan winegrowers and lovers of a little “left field” wine. 

The organizers are betting on the appearance of transparency, which is more than commendable. In addition, it is required that the manipulations and/or additives used in the making of a wine presented during the two days of the event be clearly indicated. This ensures that the consumer can know precisely what his drink contains. You can also check the information on the RAW website.

Obviously, transparency, veracity, frankness and authenticity are not guarantees of quality, but it helps the consumer to find his way around. In other words, it is not because it is completely natural (without additives, without manipulation) that it is necessarily good. To do good, you need quality raw materials and a winemaker who knows how to vinify without screwing up everything. And that is not always easy when you work without a net. Having attended the first two editions, let's say that there is an impressive range of well-made natural wines. There are also a few more “wild” things.

In short, there's something for everyone. There are still a few tickets on sale at the door ($80), at the Montreal Science Center in the Old Port.

If you don't go there, fall back on this excellent natural white vinified by Fabien Jouves, winemaker at Mas del Périé, in Cahors. A blend dominated by Sauvignon Blanc (40%) supplemented in equal parts by Chardonnay, Sémillon and Colombard. Aged in stainless steel vats, barrels and vats. Unfiltered with very little sulfur on bottling, we end up with a wine with a slightly golden and finely veiled color. We feel a little reduction at the opening with notes of yeast, but with prolonged contact with the air it releases pleasant aromas of lemon, pear, honey, lime blossom and acacia. On the palate, the material is focused on freshness with ripe fruit, a full impression and pretty bitters on the finish which reveals flavors of pineapple and peach. Surprisingly well made, it will appeal to fans of the genre while perhaps perplexing lovers of more classic wines.

Fabien Jouves, Les Agudes 2021, Vin de France $26.05 – SAQ code 15008304 – 13% – Organic

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