Naughty Megan Markle changed the shape of the engagement ring: photo

The Duchess once again chose to show character

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Капризная Меган Маркл сменила форму обручального кольца: фото

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

About the bad and difficult nature of the wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle heard around the world. The obstinate American, despite the strict Royal installation is not going to submit itself dictates the rules. Because of its sharpness Duchess often come up with offensive nicknames in the Palace.

See how the nickname came up with Meghan Markle:

So, 36-year-old Duchess Meghan Markle after the birth of his first child Archie felt more confident and decided that it could be the character with more force. Fans of the Royal couple could not help but notice that the engagement ring has changed significantly.

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As you know, it was created in the jewelry house Cleave and Company. And the Prince Harry also took part in creating the masterpiece before to make Megan’s offer. But this American woman was hard to please, she decided it was time to change it.

Капризная Меган Маркл сменила форму обручального кольца: фото

Ring before restoration

Prior to that, the center of the ring was a large diamond, and the edges – two small ones, which was to take from the collection of Diana, Princess of Wales.The rim was made of yellow gold. During the first exit after the birth of the son of the Duchess of Sussex was shining ring already with the changes the decoration around was strewn with small diamonds. We can assume that Megan passed the ring to the reconstruction, to make it even more precious.

Капризная Меган Маркл сменила форму обручального кольца: фото

Engagement ring after adding diamonds

Earlier, the 53-year-old journalist piers Morgan gave a controversial interview in which he told the details of his experience with Meghan Markle and shared his thoughts on the news about her in the press. But girlfriend Megan stood to her defense.

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