Navigation data: Google has memory shorter

Données de navigation: Google aura la mémoire plus courte

Google will propose by default the deletion of location data and web browsing at the end of 18 months for all its new users, announced on Wednesday that the boss of the giant american Sundar Pichai in a blog post.

From Wednesday, all users of Google activating for the first time in the history of the positions will default to an automatic cancellation of these at the end of 18 months, said Mr Pichai.

Similarly, for all new users of Google as of Wednesday, data from the browsing history on the web will also be deleted by default at the end of 18 months.

For users already Google users, ” we will not change your settings “, but “we will call you back actively controls the automatic removal at your disposal via notifications built-in to the products and emails, so that you can choose the setting for the automatic removal which you should be,” says Sundar Pichai.

The american giants of the internet are facing from several years to a growing awareness of internet users about the extent of data collected about them for ad targeting.

Search engines such as DuckDuckGo or Qwant in France, for example, have built their business model on the fact that they do not retain the queries of the users, without, however, worry about Google, which remains very dominant on this market.

In his blog, Sundar Pichai mentions other details provided by Google to placate the internet users wary.

On YouTube, the automatic deletion of data (on the videos they watch, for example) will be set to 36 months by default if you create a new account or activate your history YouTube for the first time, ” according to the boss of Google.

The current users “can always choose the option of automatic deletion of 3 or 18 months,” he says.

Google will also “facilitate” access mode “private browsing” on its search engine and its products Maps and YouTube, allowing its activation by a long press on the profile picture of the user.

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