Navigo Pass: what is the dematerialized version accessible to all by the end of May ?

Navigo Pass: what is the dematerialized version accessible to all by the end of May ?

Il est déjà possible de profiter de son passe Navigo sur un téléphone sous Android. Courtesy of Île-de-France Mobilités

The dematerialized version of the Navigo pass will be accessible to everyone by the end of May 2024. After owners of an Android smartphone who can already benefit from it, it is in fact iPhone users who will be able to pass through the RATP and SNCF gates using just their mobile phone.

According to Île-de-France Mobilités, it is therefore finally at the end of next May that Ile-de-France residents with an iPhone will be able, if they wish, to use their Navigo pass in a dematerialized form. They will be able to pass through the gates of the entire network thanks to the contactless technology integrated into their iPhone, as is already the case for Android phone users.

Dematerialize from spring

In fact, Navigo pass subscribers who own an iPhone will be able to transfer it to the iOS Maps application. The phone's NFC chip will then allow your pass to be validated on all stations in the covered network.

As a reminder, you can already use your Navigo pass on your Android smartphone since fall 2022. To do this, you must have installed the My Navigo Tickets application. It allows you to pass through the gates, provided that your smartphone is equipped with a contactless chip (NFC), a technology that is extremely widespread today.

Note that owners of an Apple Watch should also be able to benefit from this dematerialization from the spring. You will nevertheless have to choose between a classic pass and its dematerialized model, because you will not be able to combine both. Finally, it is already possible, for everyone this time, to recharge their Navigo pass from their smartphone, whether you are using Android or iOS.

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