NBA: a star would have exhibited a weapon on Instagram

NBA star allegedly exhibited gun on Instagram


Spectacular Ja Morant finds himself in hot water after allegedly holding a handgun Saturday during an Instagram Live video stream. 

The NBA has launched an investigation into the 23-year-old star. His team, the Memphis Grizzlies, imposed a minimum two-game suspension on him.

In the early morning, the 23-year-old athlete filmed himself rapping shirtless. At one point, viewers could see Morant holding a gun.

This isn't the first time the slam dunk specialist has made headlines for the wrong reasons. In recent weeks, a 17-year-old accused Morant of beating him and approaching him with a gun. A Memphis security guard meanwhile blamed Morant for pushing him around and uttering threats to him.

Apart from his antics off the field, the native South Carolina is having a great season. They are sixth in the Silver League in points per game (27.1) and fifth in assists per game (8.2).

The Grizzlies (38-24) rank second in the Western Conference and are among the favorite teams to win top honors.