NBA: Bronny James, LeBron's son, declares for the 2024 Draft after only one season at university

NBA: Bronny James, LeBron's son, declares for the 2024 Draft after only one season at university

Bronny James pourrait être l’une des grandes attractions de la prochaine draft. EFE – Soobum IM

Le fils du "King" l’a annoncé ce vendredi sur son compte Instagram : il se présente officiellement pour la prochaine Draft NBA, qui aura lieu le 27 juin prochain.

One year and then leaves. Well, not exactly. Bronny James, 19, has announced his choice to leave the University of Southern California (USC), which he joined at the start of the year. He has made the decision to register for the next NBA draft.

"I have had a year with ups and downs but all of it has allowed me to grow as a person, a student and athlete. I have made the decision to enter the NBA Draft while maintaining my college eligibility and will also enter the NCAA transfer portal. he announced on his Instagram account this Friday afternoon.

However, one detail remains. He remains available in the NCAA transfer portal. This means that he reserves the right to withdraw his name from the Draft if a university offers him an interesting project. He thus keeps the keys to his future.

For his first year at university, Bronny's statistics don't scare the scorers: 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1%. average pass in 25 games. A second year could allow him to toughen up a little more with a view to later joining the NBA.

LeBron on a new team this summer

The "King" had already expressed it: he wants to be able to play with his son, and while he doesn't have much time left, his objective is to join the team that will draft his eldest.

But the more the weeks passed, the less real the probability of seeing Bronny present himself in the Draft was as his level was far from unanimous, even in a vintage, seen as the & rsquo;one of the weakest in history by certain franchise managers.

One thing is certain, if Bronny is drafted this year by a franchise, the percentage chance of seeing LeBron join it is high. A movement that would shake up the big league as he remains dominant at almost 40 years old.

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