NBA: exceptional Wembanyama, who trivializes exploits and helps the Spurs win against the Denver Nuggets

NBA: exceptional Wembanyama, who trivializes exploits and helps the Spurs win against the Denver Nuggets

“Victor, it’s Victor,” his coach Gregg Popovich usually says to salute his performances. EPA – ADAM DAVIS

34 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blocks… routine for Wemby. And the Spurs beat Denver with less than a second to go before the buzzer. 


The French rookie Victor Wembanyama, from the height of his 2.24 m, once again loomed over the match against San Antonio, bottom of the Western Conference, who snatched victory in the last second for Denver Nuggets, leaders before the match, 121 to 120, Friday during an NBA evening which saw the Cleveland Cavaliers secure their place in the play-offs by beating the Indiana Pacers 129 to 120.

"Victor is Victor"

This formula from his coach Gregg Popovich sums up the new performance of Wemby, who scored 34 points, took 12 rebounds, delivered 5 assists and managed 2 blocks within a team which managed to overcome a 23-point deficit, that she scored at the start of the third quarter, to blow the victory away to the Nuggets by one point thanks to a basket from Devonte' Graham… less than a second from the buzzer!

"He did a lot of good things, but he couldn't have done it without his teammates", added the coach, not wanting to give him all the coverage.

N.1 place flies to Denver

The Nuggets, despite Jamal Murray's 35 points, gave up the No. 1 place in the Western Conference to the Oklahoma City Thunder, clear winner of the Milwaukee Bucks (125-107). The Minnesota Timberwolves, who beat the Atlanta Hawks by a short head (109-106), also passed them.

Nikola Jokic's teammates, now third in the Western Conference, were already assured of a place in the play-offs before the match.

The Cavaliers in the play-offs

The Cleveland Cavaliers, by beating the Indiana Pacers (129-120), are assured of retaining their 4th place in the Eastern Conference and going directly to the play-offs.

They can even go for 3rd place, which the Knicks occupy after their success over the Nets (111-107) in the New York derby. Donovan Mitchell scored 33 points for the Cavs, who scored 70 points in the first half alone.

The Sixers still in the race for the play-offs

The Philadelphia 76ers signed Joel Embiid with 32 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists, a valuable victory against the Orlando Magic (125-113) which allows them to remain in the race for a direct place in the play-offs.

The 76ers, to whom the return in early April of their star and MVP Joel Embiid after two months of absence and knee surgery in February, did a lot of good , are up to seven victories in a row, which coincide with the comeback.

Tough fight for the play-offs in the East

In the Eastern Conference, nothing is decided for the 5th and 6th places, the last two directly qualifying for the play-offs. Four franchises can still get them: Orlando, Indiana and Philadelphia (all three 46 wins and 35 losses) and Miami (45 wins and 36 losses).

New Orleans and Phoenix, a place for two

The New Orleans Pelicans (6th) and the Phoenix Suns (7th) are competing for sixth place, the last place directly qualifying for the play-offs, in the Western Conference. Both franchises won away on Friday, the Pelicans at the Golden State Warriors (114-109) and the Suns at Sacramento (108-107).

New Orleans won thanks to a stratospheric second quarter (45-22), the Suns reversing the situation in the last quarter (30-22).

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