NBA: “Golden state” defeated “Oklahoma”, “San Antonio” stopped “Portland”

НБА: «Голден Стэйт» разбил «Оклахому», «Сан-Антонио» остановил «Портленд»

In the main basketball League in the world continues regular season.

“The Golden state” without Kevin Durant away unexpectedly easily dealt with “OK”. The warriors efforts of Stephen Curry (33+7 rebounds) in the first quarter achieved double-digit advantage and without problems held a comfortable lead. The leaders of the “thunder” Russell Westbrook and Paul George together threw out 11 of 41 from the field and finished the match with a total figure utility “-35”.

“San Antonio” in the final quarter put the squeeze on Portland and extended its winning streak to eight matches. From seven players, the spurs managed to score at least 10 points, and the most productive became Demar derozan (21+8 rebounds). Among the guests shone Damien Lillard (34+6 rebounds) and Yussuf Nurkic (24+16 rebounds), but worthy of support from the team, this Duo is not received.

Accurate shot Paul Millsap (15+13 rebounds) for 7 seconds before the end of the game allowed “Denver” on the home arena beat “Indiana”. For the nuggets traditionally on the first cast was Nikola jokić (26+7 rebounds+5 assists).

Center “Atlanta” Alexei Lane after a series of successful matches in an away match with “Boston” were not in the starting five “hawks”. The Ukrainian played nearly 11 minutes and scored 7 points and 4 rebounds.

The results of the matches of the day:

Boston – Atlanta 129:120 (43:36, 31:26, 31:30, 24:28)

New Orleans- Phoenix 136:138 OT (31:34, 29:32, 25:23, 37:33, 14:16)

Washington – Memphis 135:128 (35:37, 34:34, 36:32, 30:25)

San Antonio – Portland 108:103 (23:21, 25:29, 24:26, 36:27)

Oklahoma – Golden State 88:110 (27:40, 19:24, 25:23, 17:23)

Dallas – Cleveland 121:116 (34:26, 32:31, 34:31, 21:28)

Utah – Brooklyn 114:98 (28:21, 31:21, 24:22, 31:34)

Denver – Indiana 102:100 (25:36, 32:24, 22:15, 23:25)


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