NBA star admitted that Madonna offered him money for the baby

Basketball player Dennis Rodman shared details of an affair with pop Queen

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Звезда НБА признался, что Мадонна предлагала ему деньги за ребенка


American basketball player Dennis Rodman shared details of the affair with Madonna, which was accused of racism because of the pictures of the kids. NBA star admitted that the singer offered him money to help her conceive.

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Madonna and Rodman met in the early 90s. after years a famous basketball player gave some details of their romance live on American radio stations. “She said if you get pregnant from me, pay me 20 million dollars”, – says ex-player Chicago Bulls.

Rodman added that once the singer even sent a private plane for him when she started ovulating. “I did what had to do, and returned to Las Vegas to play in the casino,” recalls the athlete.

Dennis Rodman and Madonna dated in the early 90s. After they broke up in 1996 the singer gave birth to a girl from an actor Carlos Leon. Sam Rodman has been married three times and has three children.

By the way, about his relationship with pop Queen basketball player says the following: “In 1993, her career went down. She said that she met me, because I was a bad guy. I climbed the corporate ladder, and she went down.”

In an exclusive interview with singer Maluma spoke about working with Madonna.

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