NBA: stars Curry and Thompson are marching against racism

NBA: les stars Curry et Thompson marchent contre le racisme

Los Angeles | The stars of the NBA, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and other players of the Golden State Warriors have joined a crowd of protesters for a peaceful march against racist violence in Oakland, Wednesday.

Curry, Thompson, Kevon Looney and Damion Lee, attended the event in tribute to George Floyd, a black man died last Monday in Minneapolis after his arrest in which a white policeman was supported with a knee on his neck for more than eight minutes.

While some protesters called out to him ” say his name “, Curry was among those who responded: “George Floyd! “.

“We are all here for the same purpose, not only for Blacks “, said the spokesperson of the march, Juan Toscano-Anderson. “At this moment, it is Black, but it concerns the entire humanity. There are people all over the world who are oppressed. “

For more than a week, many personalities of the american basketball, LeBron James to Michael Jordan through Magic Johnson have expressed their anger and indignation. And demonstrations, which have sometimes been accompanied by looting and riots, took place throughout the country.

They continued Wednesday in many cities, without overflow major.

Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on the neck of a forty-something woman, causing his death, had initially been charged with manslaughter. Wednesday, the charges against have been reclassified to ” murder not premeditated “, more serious, and is punishable by 40 years in prison.

The three other officers who accompanied him are now also being prosecuted for complicity, and placed in detention.

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