NBA: Utah is stronger than Houston, the victory of “Boston” and “Portland”

НБА: «Юта» сильнее «Хьюстона», победы «Бостона» и «Портленда»

In the main basketball League in the world continues regular season.

“Utah”, due to the shock of the third quarter (38:11) smashed Houston and left with a negative balance of wins/losses, behind the zone playoffs by only 0.5 victory. In the match against the rockets, the owners did not prevent the rapid removal of Rudy Gobert, without his emotions after foul on James Harden. The Frenchman perfectly replaced derrick favors (24+10 rebounds), updated the personal best performance of the season.

“Boston” on the home arena of the easily broken “new York” and extended its winning streak to four matches. The most productive of the “Celtics” were Kyrie Irving (22+8 assists) and Jalen brown (21). Five players scored at least 10 points. With the figure 14-10 Boston is fifth in the East.

“Portland” in the home match with “Phoenix” contributed to a new record in the NBA. “Trail Blazers” followed by “Sacramento” has not allowed the suns in the first quarter to score more than 10 points. In the history of the League for the first time-in two games in a row to overcome the 10-point barrier in one quarter. Most effective “Portland” traditionally became Damien Lillard (25+8 assists).

The results of the matches of the day:

Boston – New York 128:100 (38:30, 31:28, 30:26, 29:16)

Portland – Phoenix 108:86 (34:9, 28:32, 25:18, 21:27)

Ut – Houston 118:91 (27:18, 26:27, 38:11, 27:35)

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