NCIS season 17 : Cote de Pablo promises “a departure beautiful” to Ziva, Tony return ?

NCIS saison 17 : Cote de Pablo promet "un départ magnifique" pour Ziva, Tony de retour ?

NCIS season 17 : Cote de Pablo promises “a departure beautiful” to Ziva, Tony return ?

Unless last minute surprises, the next episode of season 17 of NCIS should be the last of Cote de Pablo this year. And, according to the interpreter of Ziva, the conclusion to come to her heroine to be beautiful. Attention spoilers.

An actress filled

This is THE great event of this season 17 of NCIS, Ziva David is regularly at the center of intrigue. After a double-appearance at the start, the heroine of Cote de Pablo has also appeared in the last episode of the year 2019, and is projected on the screen at the beginning of the year 2020.

What necessarily make the happiness of the fans, but also that of the actress. The micro AND Cote de Pablo has especially entrusted to you : “I have long hoped that, at a given moment, something like this can happen and the stars have finally aligned and here I am alongside this guy [Mark Harmon]“.

Reunion with family ?

Especially, this large return in the family NCIS allows him to rewrite the history of his character and bring him to a true conclusion. As a reminder, Ziva comes back from far away, since there are still a few months, it is thought to be dead, killed off-camera. And obviously, this second chance will soon be the ex-agent the beautiful end as it should have been from the beginning : “The next departure of Ziva ? It is a completely different, and it is all I can say. It really is a beautiful start“.

To say that Ziva FINALLY find Tony (Michael Weatherly), made aware of his survival, and his daughter she looks live at a distance… looking forward to the new year !

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