NCIS season 17 : Torres and Bishop couple this year ? Wilmer Valderrama calls for a decision

NCIS saison 17 : Torres et Bishop en couple cette année ? Wilmer Valderrama réclame une décision

NCIS season 17 : Torres and Bishop couple this year ? Wilmer Valderrama calls for a decision

Season 17 will she be good for Torres and the Bishop ? At present, Wilmer Valderrama has not yet found the answer. However, the actor wants a decision to be taken quickly in order to change this relationship, in one way or the other. Attention spoilers.

Will there be a day, Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop let them speak their feelings in NCIS ? For the moment, we have to be pessimistic. And because, like Tony and Ziva in the past, the two agents Gibbs prefer to turn around, even if away temporarily, rather than admit the truth about their relationship.

What is the future of Torres and Bishop ?

However, it is not impossible that the situation is changing quickly (and positively ?) in the course of the season 17, currently airing in the USA. While Tony waited for the departure of Ziva to come closer to her (off camera), Wilmer Valderrama – the interpreter of Torres, told People not to be favorable to such a situation.

The question “do you Want to see Nick and Ellie get together ? What is it that you want to see ?“, the actor said : “What I don’t want the series to do, it is something that has already been done. I think it would be deceptive to continue to repeat a story already“. In other words, Wilmer Valderrama is ready to have the duo take a real decision on his future and does not want to see this storyline drag on, as was the case with the Tiva, only to make the hearing.

A choice must be made

Without ever giving his preference on a positive outcome or a negative one for Torres and Bishop, the actor has insisted in particular on the interest to explore a true decision : “For me, it is much more fascinating to explore what can happen to these characters when they are faced with a choice. Should they give priority to their job to their personal life ? What kind of dynamic this may create for the group and the team ?

A confession interesting which, it is hoped, will be heard by the writers. For a series as old, indeed, it is important to renew itself, to avoid fatigue of the viewers. And clearly, they are not expected to support 5 years of on-the-spot with the duo, having already lived it with the characters of Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo.

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