Ncuti Gatwa (Eric in Sex Education) are harassed at school : his reaction is surprising in the face of insults

Ncuti Gatwa (Eric dans Sex Education) harcelé à l'école : sa réaction étonnante face aux insultes

Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education) harassed at school

It is the 17th of January that the season 2 of Sex Education happens on Netflix. Before the great return of the series worn by Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey, it is Ncuti Gatwa, which is entrusted to them. The occasion for the actor who portrays Eric to reveal that he had been harassed at school when he was a teenager. Experience complicated but is quite well finished for him.

Still unknown a few months ago, Ncuti Gatwa became a star thanks to his role of Eric in the series Sex Education. In season 1, posted last year on Netflix, the character was harassed because of her sexuality and of her look. A situation in which already found the actor of 27 years. As Leah Elui, Mika or even EnjoyPhoenix, he has entrusted on this complicated period.

“I understand that feeling of isolation”

Interviewed by the Guardian, which dedicated to him a portrait prior to the arrival of season 2 of Sex Education, Ncuti Gatwa is back on his childhood. This is when he was a baby as he arrived in Scotland with his family : and they fled to Rwanda because of the genocide that occurred in 1994. “There are parallels” between the history of his character, and his own, he says the british newspaper. “I understand that feeling of isolation. There was not a lot of people I looked like in Scotland, “adds the actor.

When he is at school, Ncuti Gatwa discovered that some of his comrades have created a page in Facebook about him, where racist insults multiply. But surprisingly, he explains that this has not affected more than that. “It wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t horrible either (…) It does bother me no more than that because I knew. I said to myself : ‘You cannot know me and not love me’. (…) I said to myself : ‘Ok, okay. I’m going to continue to be myself and they will love me at one time or another’. And that has been the case. (…) It was a good lesson for me about the difference between hate and ignorance. Of course, their behavior was inexcusable. But at the same time, I was the first black person they saw in their life, “recalls the actor, who explains be even become friends with some of his former bullies.

“My mother has taught me to be strong”

A state of mind that the actor must, in part, to his mother. “My mother taught me to be strong. I grew up in, looking to relocate in this country with three children. She didn’t speak the language, didn’t know the culture, had no money, nothing, and she raised us on all three (…) My mother has gone through so many things, “adds Ncuti Gatwa.

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