Near the Italian Cathedral photographed a strange glow

Возле итальянского собора засняли странное свечение

The origin of the phenomenon is still unknown.

31 October of the current year in the Italian municipality of Oristano observed a mysterious phenomenon. Some took him for a religious experience, others for the amazing natural phenomenon, third – and all for the result of the antics of the aliens, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

Anyway, this anomaly was very strange and was immediately interested in how researchers of the supernatural events, and ordinary users of the world wide web.

At night at the local Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin Mary suddenly fell sparkling striking the ball. The most striking thing is that he shattered on the dome of the Church was not extinguished, and soon soared and flew back to dark skies.

Fortunately, one of random witnesses of this surreal painting was able to clearly capture it on camera phones. Include the following video, you will be able to see in advance of your expected miracle with my own eyes.

Skeptics claim that it was ball lightning. Well at least that materialists don’t try as usual to explain what happened parabolicheskoi illusion or glare in the camera lens. Recall that fireballs are still one of those natural phenomena that official science is unable to explain.

Even some Orthodox scholars recognize that these energies behave like living creatures that is contrary to any scientific dogma.

Other netizens say that in front of us unidentified flying object, implying the intervention of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. And, of course, there were many believers who saw in the incident an obvious mystical symbol.

Christians believe that a higher power has pointed to the Cathedral of the assumption of Mary is not accidental. They say that modern man is particularly in need of faith, and the Creator sends the Italians with their hand in the bosom of the Church.

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