Nearly 1,500 people united against the National Rally in Béziers

Nearly 1,500 people united against the National Rally in Béziers

Nearly 1,500 people marched in the streets of Béziers against the National Rally Gaelle Liot

Nearly 1,500 people united against the National Rally in Béziers

Magali Crozier (right) announced her candidacy for the Popular Front this Saturday, June 15. Gaelle Liot

Nearly 1,500 people united against the National Rally in Béziers

Wissal (right), Magali Crozier's campaign director, is against Robert Ménard's candidacy for the legislative elections. Gaelle Liot

Nearly 1,500 people united against the National Rally in Béziers

Parmi les manifestants, des pancartes peu ordinaires. Gaelle Liot

In response to the results of the Europeans, giving the victory to the National Rally party of Jordan Bardella, almost everywhere in France, the voices of left-wing opponents were heard. There were nearly 1,500 people according to the demonstrators, this Saturday, June 15, in Béziers.

"All united against Jordan Bardella and the RN!" This is the slogan given during the demonstration which was held in Béziers, this Saturday, June 15, afternoon. Starting from the Labor Exchange, the procession which brought together the various left-wing political parties (LFI, PS, PCF, NPA), the Greens, the unions (CGT, FO, Snes, Unsa, CFDT, FSU territoriale, Union Solidaires union), the LDH, went down the Paul-Riquet aisles to finish its path behind the Polygone shopping center.

The demonstration which brought together "nearly 1 500 people", according to the demonstrators s’ took place in a festive and good-natured atmosphere. "We come to demonstrate against the extreme right in particular, it’s necessary for the youth. We are also against the candidacy of Robert Ménard for the Legislatives, explained Wissal, 22 years old, Magali Crozier's campaign director and youth leader rebellious.

From the top of the van leading the procession, we heard: "Against the blocking of energy prices, against hatred, for public service, to form a popular front, social progress requires struggle". On the signs held up by the demonstrators, one could read: "The RN votes against you and for hatred", < em>"Bardellization is him", "Hey fascists, you like traditions&nbsp ;? Then the image of a guillotine. We too".

Very offensive slogans

On the large banner of the leaders, we could read "Let's march for our freedoms, against the ideas of the extreme right". The demonstration ended with speeches from union representatives and political parties."We have reduced worker abstention in working-class neighborhoods and among young people. The million additional votes between 2019 and 2024 must be amplified, let's transform this militant force to obtain victory on June 30th", a underlined  Magali Crozier.

And to continue: "In Béziers, voting Ménard and the RN is voting Macron only worse. Madame Ménard supported a policy of social regression, of the diversion of secularism in the name of the clash of civilizations (…). She has never voted for any motion of censure of the Borne and Attal governments, even less the one which supported the withdrawal of the pension reform at 64 years old. Bardella like Ménard aggravates Macron's anti-social policy". During the demonstration, the insoumise announced that she is a candidate for the Legislative elections.

"Gathered to denounce the social imposture of the extreme right"

"In Béziers, on April 23, we gathered with the trade union organizations to denounce the social imposture of the extreme right . We already had a head start. No, the CNR is not the national council of Macron's refoundation but the national council of the Resistance. Macron opened the doors of power to the Le Pen family by choosing dissolution. This manipulation of institutions for its sole political gain is unacceptable, protested Julien Rader, general secretary of the local union of the CGT of Béziers.&nbsp ;We can't try people who are so dangerous!"

A little further, Christophe Coquemont, federal secretary of the Socialist Party hopes to move forward on concrete points thanks to the Popular Front and facing a right "in puzzle&quot ;.

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