Nearly 1,600 people dead in 24 hours in the United States, the highest level since mid-may

Près de 1600 morts en 24 heures aux États-Unis, plus haut depuis la mi-mai

The United States has deplored Tuesday 1592 deaths additional related to the coronavirus in 24 hours, a heavy balance sheet daily which had not been seen for two and a half months, according to figures to 20: 30 from the Johns Hopkins University.

The country has once again recorded more than 60,000 cases of infection with the coronavirus in a day, after a slight decline in the last two days.

It must date back to the mid-may to find a balance sheet of death over 24 hours heavier than that of Tuesday (1680 died on 15 may).

The total number of cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the United States now exceeds 4,34 million, and the country regrets more than 149 000 people dead since the beginning of the pandemic, which is by far the most grief-stricken in the world.

After having experienced an improvement towards the end of the spring, the United States see since the end of June the epidemic is starting to increase again, particularly in the south and west of the country.

Two weeks ago, the new infections diagnosed in the 24 hours exceeded 60 000 during twelve consecutive days (including three days to more than 70 000).

The Florida of particular concern. With 186 deaths in a day on Tuesday, it exceeded the 6,000 dead in total. It is now the second State to identify the most cases (more than 440 000 in total), behind California.

These two States have exceeded the number of infections detected in New York city, which has long been the epicenter of the us epidemic, but where it is now under control.

With the explosion of new infections, experts fear that the curve of the dead did not follow the same trajectory, with a delay, since the scientific consensus is that the wave of death follows three or four weeks the infections.

It has already started to climb back up. At the end of last week, the number of deaths recorded had exceeded the bar of 1000 deaths in four days in a row, which was not happened since the end of may.

These levels, however, are not yet equivalent to those recorded in the United States at the end of April, when a good part of the country was contained, and that the bar of 2000 deaths daily was regularly crossed.

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