Nearly 40 years after his crime, his chewing gum spat on the ground gets him arrested for a sordid murder

Nearly 40 years after his crime, his chewing gum spat on the ground gets him arrested for a sordid murder

Sa victime avait été retrouvée morte en 1980. Annette Riedl/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom/MaxPPP – Annette Riedl

Le suspect a été arrêté après l’analyse ADN de son chewing-gum craché par terre qui a permis d’établir qu’il avait tué une jeune fille quarante ans plus tôt.

The story dates back to January 15, 1980 in Oregon. That year, 19-year-old Barbara Tucker was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and beaten to death near Mount Hood Community College.

A crossing of family trees in 2021

His body was found the next day in a wood by students, without the criminal being able to be identified. And the perpetrator of the crime remained unknown for nearly forty years, reports CNN.

It was in 2000, when vaginal samples were taken from the young woman's body during her autopsy, that investigators discovered that the perpetrator of the crime was red-headed and had left his DNA on her private parts. of the victim.

It was then that American genealogist CeCe Moore decided to cross family trees to try to establish the profile of the suspect more precisely. In 2021, she alerted police to a man in his 60s, Robert Plympton, who appeared to be a likely contributor to the profile Unknown DNA" found on the 19-year-old victim.

The sixty-year-old denies the facts

Police investigators then began to monitor the sixty-year-old. During a tailing, they then took his chewing gum which he had thrown to the ground. Bingo. The DNA present on the chewing gum was the same as that present on the corpse of young Barbara Tucker.

The man was then placed in police custody in 2021. He continues to deny the charges against him and also pleaded not guilty during his trial.

On March 15, he was finally found guilty of the crime. While the court has yet to rule on the length of his sentence, Robert Plympton's lawyer has announced that he will appeal the judgment.

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