Nearly a third of workers take less holiday

Près du tiers des travailleurs prendront moins de vacances

TORONTO, on | About 30% of workers in the country are thinking about taking less days off this summer, compared to last year, because of the COVID-19, indicates a new survey.

The study of the recruitment agency Robert Half, unveiled Thursday, highlights the fact that many Canadians have the intention to continue to work during the summer months.

“For many people, the pandemic has raised more serious concerns about the plans, professional, family, financial and health. Given this additional pressure exerted on workers, employers should encourage staff to take a vacation and [his] well-being a priority,” said David King, president of the main district of Robert Half Canada.

If nearly a third of respondents plan to take fewer days of leave, only 8% planning to take more. About 10% do not count to take their vacation, because they have too much work to be done.

Two in ten Canadians think about holidays later in the year with the hope of being able to travel.

Avoid burnout

For the firm, it is more important than ever for workers to take time for themselves, and what to avoid, in particular, the burnout.

“Managers should lead by example by taking their own days off, and give employees time to be more flexible and additional support during the absence of their colleagues, so that everyone will be able to truly relax and to get on her days off,” added David King.

The stroke of the probe was conducted from 14 to 19 may and includes responses from more than 500 employed canadians aged 18 years or over who usually work in offices.

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