Need to remove: found 15 dangerous apps on Android

Sophos has helped Google to trace threat apps that read personal correspondence

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:41

Срочно удалить: найдены 15 опасных приложений на Android

The number of downloads of dangerous apps has reached 1.3 million

As if Google wasn’t trying to fight malicious apps, all still to keep up can’t keep up. So experts from Sophos, dealing with cybersecurity, helped the search giant to track 15 dangerous apps in Google Play that you should immediately delete from your device running Android.

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The number of downloads these apps have reached 1.3 million. Most dangerous programs are presented in the form of applications designed for image processing, but within them is hidden a “Trojan horse”. Once installed on the smartphone, they demonstrate malicious false advertising, and other after obtaining special privileges can track personal correspondence of users in the messengers and send them to remote servers.

Срочно удалить: найдены 15 опасных приложений на Android

Most of these Trojans are disguised in the form of applications for image processing

The list of such programs included:

  1. Flash On Calls & Messages
  2. Read QR Code
  3. Imagine Magic
  4. Generate Elves
  5. Savexpense
  6. QR Artifact
  7. Find Your Phone: Whistle
  8. Scavenger
  9. Auto Cut Out Pro
  10. Background Cut Out
  11. Photo Background
  12. ImageProcessing
  13. Background Cut Out New
  14. Auto Cut Out
  15. Auto Cut Out 2019

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All these apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store, but they continue to work on more than 1 million devices. Therefore, Sophos warn that developers can release the same functionality of the program, so please be cautious before installing the application requires a suspicious lot of privileges, delete immediately.

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