Neither hot nor cold

Ni chaud ni froid

One will never insist too much on the importance of the service temperature of the wine. The terms of service may all enhance the content of your precious bottles that ruin the qualities. A few degrees too cold and the aromas play muted ; a few degrees too warm and the alcohol takes over, masking the subtle nuances of the wine.

If white wines are often served too cold, almost chilled, the reds are often served too warm, especially in the summer. As a general rule, we want to serve red wines high in tannins around 17-18 °C and the red wines are supple and light, between 13 and 15 °C. For the white, aim for between 10-12 °C, or even up to 14 °C for whites, more structured wines orange.

The simple rule to follow at home is to refrigerate the red half an hour before serving and, on the contrary, to get the white out of the fridge half an hour before drinking. Too much of a hurry to wait ? The most effective way to cool a bottle quickly is to dip it in a bucket of water and ice. To speed up the process further, add a handful of table salt to the ice water. The salt will melt the ice more quickly and the water will be ice cold in no time.

And keep in mind that it is always better to serve a wine a little too cold than too hot. You will see, on a hot summer day, your glass will warm up soon enough !

Domain Bergeville, Colfo 2019, Workshop B

Price of $11.00

Quebec 10,5 %

0 g/L | ★★★1/2 | $$1/2

Specialty grocery stores

Bergeville continues to innovate. Their last-born, the Colfo, is inspired by the col fondo, a sparkling wine of the north-east of Italy. The Colfo completes its second fermentation in the bobbin and it is sold as-is, without filtration or extraction. It thus presents a small deposit, which does not affect its quality. On the contrary ! The only fault that we could find is to be too easy to drink. A wine more sparkling than sparkling wine, deliciously tangy, savory, thirst-quenching and light in alcohol. Tailor-made for the summer !

The Spirits Iberville, Amermelade Spritz

13,60 $

Quebec 7 %

69 g/L | ★★★ | $1/2

SAQ Code : 14398380

Another little bit of happiness in the bobbin, this version ready-to-drink popular Amermelade. A delicious alternative local-to-drink aperitif Italian Apérol, with all the good tastes of citrus, sea buckthorn and sapinage of the Amermelade original, in the format of hyper convenient for picnics.

House of Cards, Vin Gris 2019

Of $22.00

Quebec wine 10,5 %

6.2 g/L | ★★1/2 | $$

Specialty grocery stores

This vin gris is the result of a direct pressing, which gives a color which is naturally more pale, similar to the rosé wines of Provence. The flavors, on the other hand, are well anchored in the soil of Dunham, frank and sharp, while the acidity is enrobed by a certain fat, as well as a rest of sugar barely noticeable. To enjoy at the table, at around 12 °C.

Cantina Sociale di Sorbara, Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce

14,65 $

Italy 11 %

7.9 g/L | ★★1/2 | $1/2

SAQ Code : 14040847

Want to add a touch of originality to your barbecues ? Use this sparkling red produced by a cooperative winery in Emilia-Romagna, in the north-east of Italy. The grape variety lambrusco di salamino brings a purple colour and intense black fruit flavours in the wild, as well as a tannic structure noticeable, which marries beautifully to the meat rare. A curiosity to discover.

Vineyard 1292, Pink, 2019, St. Cross – Radisson

$11.40 for

Quebec wine is 11.5 %

1.2 g/L | ★★1/2 | $

SAQ Code : 13835664

Bargain price, this rosé produced in Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu offers all that one can hope for a good summer wine. The nose is fresh, bursting with flavours of small red fruits, the palate is lively and crisp, without the slightest sugar. A sure value ! The vineyard also has a countertop wine to go. Please visit the site

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