Nekfeu, SCH, NLP… How many rappers do they gain in festivals and showcases ?

Nekfeu, SCH, PNL... Combien les rappeurs gagnent-ils en festivals et showcases ?

Nekfeu, SCH, NLP… How many rappers do they gain by festivals and showcase ?

In addition to the sale of their albums, singles and merchandise, the rappers are also paid when they occur on stage, in festivals or in the showcase, but how much do they gain ? Check out the stamps are quite impressive NLP, Nekfeu, SCH, Vald, Heuss Bastard…

40.000 euros for NLP

Do come to one or more rapper(s) in the festivals as a showcase or for a private concert, it has a price ! The site StreetPress has conducted its survey to find out how much affect NLP, Vald, Nekfeu, Heuss bastard, SCH and Ninho. “The showcases, it is a little money in the pocket of the artists, “says the former boss of Def Jam France, Pauline Duarte before the journalist Ismaël Mereghetti adds : “And this is directly in their pocket. There is no middleman. It may even be in a cash hand-to-hand.” NLP has understood.

For evidence, to have the brothers Ademo and N. O. S, the amount of the stamp “should be around 40.000 euros. “says Antoine Laurent, manager media and events agency Yard. For SCH, it is between 15.000 and 23.000 eur, for Heuss Bastard, who has collaborated with Gambi, or Ninho, between 25,000 and 30,000 euros and for the 13 Block of 10,000 euros. For smaller artists, it takes between 500 and 2,000 euros.

How to Nekfeu and Vald ?

Side festivals, Nekfeu key “around 100,000 euros” for each concert, while Vald costs “expensive“. By contrast, the concert of the performer out of tune to the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, on November 16, 2019, showed a deficit of 270,000 euros. “It was a calculation. It was decided to mark the spirits. And it worked ! Everyone thought : ‘Woah’, the public and the environment. And it has created frustration for those who have missed it, “said the producer and manager, Mehdi Guebli.

This show has marked a turning point in his career : “When you’re able to complete a Bercy and that thou go out with honors, you take a lot of value. And your rate increases.

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