Nepal feat. Nekfeu : the title “face to face” finally unveiled the album posthumous “Adios Bahamas”

Népal feat. Nekfeu : le titre "En face" enfin dévoilé sur l'album posthume "Adios Bahamas"

Nepal feat. Nekfeu : the title In front is available on all platforms for streaming

Tragically disappeared in November 2019, Nepal, however, continues to delight the ears of his fans. In fact, his family have released his album posthumous “Adios Bahamas” this Friday, 10 January 2020, as the rapper had planned. Among the 12 tracks of this opus, you can discover face to face, his with featuring Nekfeu.

The new feat. of Nepal and Nekfeu is available

Nepal is death on November 9, 2019 at the age of 24 years. His family had warned him with an immense sadness to his many followers on the social networks. The rapper who was a relative of Nekfeu, with which he was featuring on the song the Eskimo on the album “Cyborg”, has again collaborated with the interpreter We’ll see. Together, the artists have created the new feat. Face to face, unveiled this Friday.

A loan of love, in which Nepal and Nekfeu chant in the chorus that “the truth is in front of you (in front of you, right in front of you) / If you don’t want to see some of the things you will see not”. “The truth is in the sound of a voice when she’s lying / In the eyes or in the movements, this is just in front, big / She is in the love of your loved ones despite their injuries / In the force that you rise up tomorrow for your mission,” alluding to Nepal in one of the verses.

An album posthumously with several guest appearances

The piece In front is from the album posthumous “Adios Bahamas”, available from this Friday, 10 January 2020. It was the date on which Nepal had planned to release before his death. The loved ones of Clement Di Fiore, his real name, held out to this album despite his death “in order to respect his will and his artistic vision”. A way to listen again to the voice of the one who was in the group 2Fingz with Dums and who co-founded the 75th Session class (which Lomepal was also a part).

A work comprising 12 titles in total, with several other collaborations. Outside of the one with Nekfeu, you will also be able to listen to those with Di-Meh (Enemies PT.2), 3010 (Without see) and Sheldon (Vibe).

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