Nepal : Nekfeu, Dums… the sleeve and The feats of his album, posthumously released

Népal : Nekfeu, Doums... La pochette et les feats de son album posthume dévoilés

Nepal : Nekfeu, Dums… the cover and the guest appearances of his album, posthumously released

A few weeks after the announcement of the death of a rapper of Nepal, the 9th of November last, the cover of his album, posthumously has been unveiled on Instagram, as well as the tracklist and guest appearances that will make up. Before its disappearance, the member of the collective 75e Session has worked with Di-Meh, Nekfeu, Sheldon, Dums and 3010.

On the 21st of November last, the world of rap and learned some terrible news : after Lil Peep, Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle, the rapper French Nepal has been found dead on 9 November. “KLM, the Great Master Splinter, Nepal, a member of 2Fingz, co-founder of the 75th Session, rapper, producer, composer, graphic designer, video maker, our inspiration, our son, our brother, our friend left us on Saturday 9 November 2019 to Paris”, could we read on the page Instagram of the artist.

His album posthumous “Adios Bahamas”, which is planned for the 10th of January 2020

The one that we have been able to hear on the titles, Nothing special, Fugu , and Level 1, among others, was only 24 years old. The causes of the death of Clement Di Fiore, his real name, have not been disclosed. “Neither words nor this press release can not express the sadness that we feel today. His work will continue to deliver his message and to make it exist in our hearts and in our lives. To respect her will and her artistic vision, we will emerge on the dates provided by him in his music videos, unreleased tracks and his 1st album ‘Adios Bahamas’ that it had finalized and expected to go out January 10, 2020.”, could it be read.

Of feats with Dums and Nekfeu

A promise kept. A member of the collective 75e Session, which was attended also Lomepal, Georgio or Dums, the rapper paris Nepal had just finished his first album titled “Adios Bahamas”… which will be released on January 10, 2020, on the scheduled date. Today, a few days after the release of the clip The-Bottom, the cover of the album has been unveiled, as well as the tracklist and guest appearances as expected. Di-Meh, Nekfeu, Sheldon, Dums and 3010 have participated in this project !

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