“Nervous” cat-fan “Game of thrones” became a star network: video

Pet video goes through the legs while watching one of the most epic scenes of the series

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"Нервный" кот-фанат "Игры престолов" стал звездой сети: видео

The cat is a fan of “Game of thrones” became a star network

The network is gaining popularity funny video about the cat-fan of the popular American series “Game of thrones”, the premiere of the final episode which HBO showed may 19.

The video shows how the pet goes through the legs while watching one of the most epic final scenes of the eighth season of the Saga. On the screen at this point shows the battle with spectacular explosions. This entry was posted on YouTube and has already gained tens of thousands of hits.

“Removes aggression”, “I’m wrinkling the pillow in front of the TV”, “This is the third series of the eighth season. The white walkers attack in the final battle. Of course, Kote worried,” write the users of the network.

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