Netanyahu to Assad: you “might” the “future” of Syria by your links with Iran

Netanyahu à Assad: vous «risquez» le «futur» de la Syrie par vos liens avec l'Iran

JERUSALEM | syrian president Bashar al-Assad “risk the future” of “its country and its regime” if it allows Iran to gain a foothold in the soil syrian border with Israel, has accused Tuesday the israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr. Netanyahu spoke alongside the emissary u.s. to Iran Brian Hook, on a visit to Jerusalem on the eve of a key deadline on the implementation of the plan of the us administration to the middle East.

The latter provides for the annexation of parts of the west bank by Israel, but also a “normalisation” of relations between the jewish State and of the powers of the Gulf which are hostile to Iran.

During a joint press MR. Netanyahu, and Hook called to extend an arms embargo against Iran, expiring in October next. Its removal would allow Tehran “to import jets fights, helicopter attacks, military submarines, and artillery of large calibre” and then “export”, in particular in Syria, according to the emissary of the us.

“I say to the ayatollahs of Teheran: Israel will continue to carry out the actions necessary to prevent you from creating a new front of terrorism and military against Israel in Syria. And I say to Bashar al-Assad: you risk the future of your country and of your plan,” said Mr. Netanyahu.

“Israel will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria” and is “absolutely committed to prevent Iran from getting a foothold in our immediate borders”, he added, accusing him of “many countries” of “collusion” in the iranian issue.

Iran is the number one enemy of Israel who feared to see it acquire nuclear weapons, a missile program of precision from the neighbouring Lebanon, and of military bases on its borders in Syria, where Tehran supports the syrian regime against the various rebellions.

In recent months, air strikes attributed to Israel have multiplied in Syria, without that the israeli army does not warrant or demented, israeli military officials alluding to, however, a “second front” of Hezbollah — the movement of shiite influence in Lebanon and an ally of Tehran in the syrian Golan.

Mr. Hook is currently touring the Middle East to warn, according to him, the consequences on the regional security of the non-renewal of the arms embargo against Iran, notably in Yemen, where Tehran supports the rebels Houthis.

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