Netflix : a documentary on Master Gims, new series… the French projects for 2020

Netflix : un documentaire sur Maître Gims, de nouvelles séries... les projets français pour 2020

Netflix : the French projects for 2020

In 2020, Netflix puts overdrive on the French production ! The platform has just opened offices in Paris and intend to enjoy it to multiply the series, movies and documentaries. It has already produced 24 French content since its launch but the platform looks beyond : 20 new projects are in preparation just for 2020. Among them ? A documentary on Master Gims, a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet or even new series. PRBK made the point.

You can expect to see more French content on Netflix in the coming months. In 2019, the platform has launched several content original series Osmosis, Marianne, Family Business and Deadly (both renewed for season 2) or the film Commuters.

A big investment in 2020

New goal for Netflix : 20 original content for 2020. For this, the platform will invest in mass. According to The World, 100 million euros should be allocated to the production of series, films and documentaries of French in the months to come. A nice amount that will surely produce quality content.

Upcoming projects

History of knowing what awaits you, here is what is preparing Netflix for the coming 12 months.

The series

Arsène Lupin , The famous gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, created in 1905 by Maurice Leblanc, will live new adventures. This is Omar Sy who has been chosen to embody the famous character in this series created by George Kay. The cast includes Ludivine Sagnier, Nicole Garcia, Clotilde Hesme or even Soufiane Guerrab. The first three episodes will be made by Louis Leterrier, to whom we owe the film Elusive and the series the Dark Crystal : The Time of the resistance, which is available on Netflix.

Netflix : un documentaire sur Maître Gims, de nouvelles séries... les projets français pour 2020

Arsène Lupin : Omar Sy, a gentleman burglar of modern times for Netflix

The Revolution : The Revolution as you’ve never imagined ! As its name indicates, the series created by Aurélien Molas is expected to fall during the French Revolution but with a twist : a mystery virus called “blue blood” is spread among the aristocrats, urging them on to attack the people. We will follow the character of Joseph Guillotin (freely inspired by a true politician of the time who had to adopt the guillotine as a mode of execution).

The Eddy : Well that tour in English, the musical series The Eddy Damien Chazelle (producer of the The Land) is considered a work of French. It must be said that it was filmed in Paris, and that the action is taking place : it follows a former jazz pianist who has experienced the glory of New York, and who is going to open a club in Paris. This is Andre Holland, who will have a key role in the face of Tahar Rahim and Leila Bekhti in particular. It will have eight episodes.

Netflix : un documentaire sur Maître Gims, de nouvelles séries... les projets français pour 2020

Tahar Rahim and Leila Bekhti in The Eddy

Vampires : After Mortal, who will be a season 2, Netflix will draw another fantasy series : Vampires. In it, vampires exist and are everywhere. The series will follow Doina, a young woman of 16 years, who reveals himself to be “the vampire of a new kind” : she is in fact half-human half-vampire. It is Oulaya Amamra, seen in the film, Divine, who will play the heroine of the series. Suzanne Clément, Alyosha Schneida, Dyla Robert or Pierre Lottin will be in the casting.

A series of Fanny Herrero : The writer Fanny Herrero, co-creator of Ten percent, will also collaborate with the platform for a series in 6 episodes that still has no title. It put us into the world of stand-up across the four young actors who are trying to get a place on stage in Paris.


Bigbug : Netflix will release the next film of Jean-Pierre Jeunet written by Guillaume Laurant, Big Bud. It is a comedy-science-fiction. It should treat of the artificial intelligence. In the audition, we will find Elsa Zylberstein, Isabelle Nanty and Many Payet.

Sentinel : Olga Kurylenko is the star of this action film, directed by Julien Leclercq, who also made the films Villains and Lukas.

The documentary

A documentary on Nicolas Anelka : This is Franck Nataf who has created this documentary that will be interested in the famous footballer.

A documentary on Master Gims : have You always wanted to know everything about Maître Gims ? The director Yann The Hénoret in will reveal more about the career of the singer, thanks to a new documentary.

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