Netflix closes mystical series “OA” after the second season

This is the mystical story of a girl who mysteriously disappeared

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Netflix закрывает мистический сериал "ОА" после второго сезона

Frame from the series of OA

For fans of the mystical series, including the series “AA”, not exactly good news. After two seasons streaming service Netflix closes detective-mystical show, writes Empire.

Watch the video on trends for the series as they can cure and how dangerous they:

“OA” is the story of the heroine named Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a blind girl who mysteriously disappeared and seven years ago, and then even more mysteriously suddenly came back. Upon her return, she began to call themselves OA and sight. In the future, the character gains a small team to try to save other people who just disappeared and opened a portal to another dimension.

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The show is the most established Brit Marling, as well as Director, screenwriter and producer Hall Batmanglij.

Note that the premiere of the second season of “OA” premiered on Netflix on March 22.

Recall that streaming service Netflix has released a trailer for the final season of the popular series “Jessica Jones.” In February this year, the company shut down production loadmovienum with the “Punisher”.

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