Netflix news: the most disturbing film of recent years is coming, will you dare to watch it?

Netflix New Releases: The most uncomfortable movie of recent years ;boat, do you dare to look at it?

By Clémence Taquet Writer In addition to following all the American people she has come across in LA and being a big fan of TV, Clem is never against a small game of Mario Kart on Gamecube where she proclaims herself champion of France. Netflix has really decided to delight its subscribers at the start of 2023. For this week from January 27 to February 2, the famous streaming platform offers (once again) many choices of series and films for all tastes. From Gunther, the dog that was worth millions, to Sex Friends, get ready for some great evenings snuggled up on your couch.

New Netflix series from January 27 to February 2, 2023

The little girl in the snow
Consisting of six episodes, this new original Spanish series tells the story of Amaya, a little girl who disappears during a parade in Málaga. A young journalist named Miren decides to do everything in her power to help her parents find her.
Release Date: Friday, January 27

Lockwood & Co
The action takes place in London in a district where the most gifted teenagers in ghost hunting venture every night. Their goal ? Face deadly spirits and solve a mystery that will change the course of history. A Netflix original creation on the paranormal consisting of eight episodes.
Release date: Friday, January 27

Cunk on Earth
Philomena Cunk, fictional journalist, interviews several experts on human civilization and covers many fields including science, religion and history. His silly and amusing questions as well as his unique personality will make you crack up.
Release date: Tuesday, January 31

Gunther, the Dog Who Was Worth Millions
This German shepherd named Gunther is at the head of an immense fortune. If it comes as a surprise, Maurizio Mian lives a luxurious life with sectarian excesses and uses his dog to invest in various fields.
Release date: Wednesday February 1

The spin-off of the series On my block follows several friends who do everything to overcome a curse they have caused. Suspense guaranteed!
Release date: Thursday, February 2, 2023

Kings of Jo'Burg, season 2
This new season will see the family adapt to a new king as well as new enemies in the City of Gold following the loss of the king of Johannesburg, Simon Masire.
Release date: Friday, January 27

New Netflix movies from January 27 to February 2, 2023

< p>You People
Two newlyweds from different backgrounds shock families when they meet and are confronted with the modern image of love. A comedy led by Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill, among others.
Release date: Friday, January 27

Pamela, A Love Story
Pamela Anderson gives herself up with an open heart in this documentary film which puts her in the spotlight. From her discreet beginnings to her sudden notoriety, including her famous sextape with Tommy Lee, the sulphurous blonde spares no subject.
Release Date: Tuesday, January 31

Sex Friends
Emma and Adam are two friends who have embarked on a exclusively sexual relationship. However, they will quickly realize that they want more.
Release date: Wednesday, February 1

A Star is Born< /em>
This musical romance carried by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper tells the story of a young singer who falls very much in love with a country star. As she becomes an adored artist, her mentor finds her decline increasingly difficult..
Release date: Wednesday, February 1< /p>

An astronaut searches for a rescue planet as humanity faces doom. The recent discovery of a fault in space-time will then allow him to push back the human limits… Interstellarwhich had left the Netflix catalog is therefore definitely coming back!
Release date: Wednesday, February 1

Heads up
This film directed by Catherine Deneuve, Rod Paradot and Benoît Magimel tells the educational journey of Malony (from the age of 6 to 18), whom a children's judge and an educator are trying to save.
Release date: Wednesday, February 1

Once a year, the Jellicle Cats get together for their big ball. Only one of them will be chosen to enter the paradise of the Jellicosphere. A musical comedy adapted into a film with characters that have been reworked in computer-generated images.
Release date: Wednesday, February 1

Five childhood friends make their dream of living together in a roommate. Samuel, one of them, even offers to pay half the rent. When he finds himself in financial difficulty, the latter begins to sell grass. An activity that ends up degenerating… Will he be able to count on his faithful friends?
Release date: Wednesday, February 1

And also…

These series and films are available on Netflix:

Naruto and Naruto Shippüden, the complete ( 01/02)
Hajime no Ippo, The Fighting, the last episodes (01/02)
Monster, the last episodes (01/02 )
Make my day (02/02)
The Odyssey (01/02)