Netflix subscriptions: Canadians are unsubscribing in droves

Netflix subscriptions: Canadians are unsubscribing in droves


Many Canadians canceled their Netflix subscription after the platform's new account sharing rules. 

Canadians were disappointed with the new measures accompanied additional fees Netflix announced on Wednesday in an effort to control account sharing, reported the Daily Hive.

Users will need to pay $7.99 to continue to enjoy the platform from a home different from the one linked to the account.

This new measure has particularly stressed students who live on their campus, travelers as well as friends and members of families who share an account.

Since the news is recent, it is not possible to quantify the cancellations that followed the new announcements, but users did not hesitate to use social networks to complain about it.

The platform kept making announcements to limit the par account sharing in recent months.

“Today, more than 100 million households share an account, which prevents them from investing in new good movies and shows,” Chengyi said Wednesday. Long, Head of Product Innovation at Netflix.