Netflix: thanks to this trick, you can continue to share your account without paying more

Netflix: thanks to this trick, you can continue to share your account without paying more

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Netflix: Thanks to this trick, you will be able to continue share your account without paying more

There would be a trick to continue sharing your Netflix account without paying more. It's no longer a secret that users who share their Netflix account will soon have to pay more. If we now know roughly the price, some subscribers could escape it. Indeed, there would be a trick to continue sharing your account without paying more!

It's the reform that has Netflix subscribers freaking out. Soon, users who share their account with other people will have to pay more. “We are testing a new billing system for additional profiles not living under the same roof. Customers who share their passwords with others will have to pay a little more to continue doing so. It will be progressive“, explained Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, in an interview with Journal du Dimanche in July 2022.

Netflix will pay account shares

At the moment, little is known about this new system, but it already exists in some South American countries. UFC-Que Choisir was therefore inspired by what is being done there to make some assumptions. We thus learn that the price of the subscription could be increased by 3 or 4 euros per month. We also know how Netflix will do to identify people who share their account.

Netflix has not yet officially revealed the contours of the system for France, but we already know that it will be able to automatically detect the profiles concerned by geolocating each connection via its IP address (which users agree to share under the conditions general service). Theoretically, activation could therefore be automatic“, indicated UFC-Que Choisir.

A technique to avoid paying more?

But, this Tuesday, January 31, 2022, a user noticed that there might be a trick to avoid paying more by sharing their account.”To make sure your devices are considered linked to your address home, connect to the Wi-Fi network associated with that address, open the Netflix app or website, and watch a title at least every 31 days,” the Help Center reads. Netflix.

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Fr clearly, to continue using your Netflix account, the person you share it with will have to come to your house at least once a month, connect to the application with your Wifi network and watch a title. these are only guesses!