Netflix : tired of trailers, auto-play ? You can now cut

Netflix : marre des bandes-annonces en lecture automatique ? Vous pouvez maintenant les couper

Netflix : tired of trailers, auto-play ? You can now cut

When you are looking for a movie or series to watch on Netflix, you’re fed up of you typing in trailers in autoplay ? Don’t worry, you can now cut off this automatic reading. This is the streaming platform, which announced the good news on Twitter. Here is how to do.

Finished trailers automatic

After the launch of her new fashion series Next in Fashion and several French projects for 2020, including a documentary on GIMS, Netflix continues to innovate. This time, not in its programs, but in its service to its users. You know, when you are looking for a movie or series to watch on the platform, and you are forced to watch the trailer that launches automatically every time ? Well it is finished. Now you can stop the autoplay.

Finished the preview video for a TV series or a movie in the auto play are you wasting your time in your search. Netflix has picked that for a lot of people, it became sucks. “Some people found it useful, others not,” explained the service of SVOD on his official Twitter account, “It was, of course, your feedback and our members can now control whether or not they want to see the trailers on Netflix”. You will be able to pass on the boxes of Sex Education, The New adventures of Sabrina, Peaky Blinders, The Witcher or even Midhunter without having trailers.

Here’s how to cut trailers automatic on Netflix

But then, how do I stop the launch trailers automatically ? Netflix has detailed on his site. To enable or disable the autoplay, it’s simple : log-in to Netflix, go to the menu and then select “Manage profiles”, and then select the profile that you want to update (yours in this case). Finally, check or uncheck the box “auto-Play previews while browsing on all devices”.

It should be noted that “the changes made to these settings apply only to the active profile and will apply to all devices”. And attention, “taking into account this option may not be immediate. To force the update, go to another profile, then go back to yours. It will thus be reloaded with the new setting”.

And it is the same with the autoplay of the next episode. You can also enable or disable this function by following the same steps. Except that at the end, you will need to check or uncheck the “auto Play the next episode in a series on all devices”.

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