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Netflix trivializes rape

Netflix trivializes rape


What a disappointment! Watching the Netflix documentary on Pornhub, I expected a full-throttle charge against this porn giant's disgusting slip-ups.

Instead, we get a self-indulgent film that seems to seriously downplay instances of sexual exploitation. This is downright indecent!


I watched yesterday Money Shot: the Pornhub story (< em>Pornhub, close up sex giant).

I was particularly interested because Mindgeek (which owns Pornhub) is a Canadian company, established on Decarie Boulevard. (It was only last week that Mindgeek was sold to an Ontario investment fund).

You will recall that in December 2020, the New York Times had published a devastating dossier by Nicholas Kristof titled The children of Pornhub. He accused Pornhub, with testimonials, of broadcasting rape videos, child pornography and revenge porn

This report lifted my heart and freezes the blood. After the release of this shock report, parliamentarians in Ottawa questioned the leaders of Pornhub, and credit card companies suspended payments on the site.

Can you believe the Netflix documentary spends more time giving a voice to porn actors who have suffered economically from the withdrawal of Visa and Mastercard than talking about the victims of rape, child pornography and revenge videos porn ?

I was screaming in my living room! Oh come on ! We are treated to long interviews with porn actresses who lament the loss of their livelihood…

I find it very sad that a girl with big tits who stuffs dildos in all her orifices has less money for her RRSPs, but I won't cry over her fate! 

We can't not put on the same footing “sex workers”, “victims of financial loss”, and 14 year old girls who were raped, filmed and whose rape video made Pornhub thousands of dollars!< /p>

There are people who find porn “indecent”. Personally, what I find indecent is that Netflix presents us with consenting adults who knowingly practice this profession as being poor victims, who seem to give a damn about the harm caused to children. 

Misery! There's a reason Pornhub's disgusting blunders have been called out: it's because they turned a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of minors! 


By allowing anyone to upload any content without verifying the validity of the videos or the identity of the broadcasters, Pornhub has helped destroy the lives of victims of rape and sex trafficking.

There were only 30 moderators at Pornhub (compared to 15,000 at Facebook). Thousands of people have called on Pornhub to remove the videos of their assault. The company dragged its feet.

“Having a sex site and not having a control system is like a fireworks company that does not have a policy of 'ban on smoking', denounces a speaker. 

Another says: “Pornhub is not a porn site, it's a crime scene”.

J I would have liked the Netflix documentary to spend more time focusing on this criminal side than on the complaints of porn actors.

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