Netherlands: scuffles with police at the end of a demonstration against the anti-Covid

Pays-Bas: heurts avec la police à la fin d’une manifestation contre les mesures anti-Covid

THE HAGUE | The Dutch police charged on horseback, used water cannons and detained dozens of people on Sunday at The Hague, when clashes erupted following a demonstration against the measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Several hundred people had gathered in the city centre, some holding hands to protest against these measures and, in particular, advocating for a distance of 1.5 meters between people in public settings.

The mayor ad interim Johan Remkes had initially banned the rally before allowing a gathering that is limited in time.

According to the police, the demonstration took place peacefully until the time when football fans had a clash with the police in which they threw rocks and bottles.

Later, ” the last of the demonstrators refused to leave the premises and were arrested according to the law on demonstrations “, said the police of The Hague in a tweet.

“Five people were also arrested at the Central Station for throwing stones “, she added.

The netherlands have adopted an approach of containment ” intelligent “, less strict than that of other european countries.

Restaurants, cinemas, cafés, museums and terraces have been allowed to open on the 1st of June, but within the distance prescribed between the clients, whose number is limited to 30 per venue.

The netherlands have registered 49 593 cases and 6 090 deaths, including one reported in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

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